Hi. I’m Ryan.

So why should you listen to this pasty white bloke, who doesn’t even look like he lifts (actual Instagram quote there…)?

Well, first I’m not some Bitcoin coach who has just put together an Instagram page and rinsed some gullible poor folks based on my glute shots (that would be a REALLY bad idea btw), or a 2 day course!

I’ve been there, got the t-shirt and worn it out, I have some actual life experience rather than some kid who’s coaching because he’s failed as a professional football or rugby player!

I’ve worked with people all the way from the student who wants to best work out how to manage his sport, gym and study time, helped overweight mums ditch the pounds and don a singlet, and have regular Joe’s and Jane’s compete at a national and even international level!

So how did I get to achieving such high levels of badassery?

Well, I wasn’t always this confident, good looking pasty bloke… I used to be a very heavily overweight (obese in fact), timid and shy, good looking pasty bloke…

See this was me, about 5 years ago now, as you can see I was (for want of a better term), a bit fucked!

I was 25 stone (150kg), binge drinking every weekend, eating fuck knows what and I was Type 2 diabetic! I had just become a Dad for the 1st time, and was pounding the motorways in a job I hated selling telecoms (think David Brent, but fatter)

So, sick and tired of making the stairs seem like a 10k run, and pictures that made me look like a bloody Mr Men character, I did something about it…

Long story short, over 18 months I lost 156lbs, beat the hell out of diabetes (yes I beat type 2 bitttcheesss), and started to lift the things!

I won’t bore you much more with that, if you want to read more on that, google my name, you’ll see I was in all the nationals (Big Brother called, I told them I was too famous)!

Since I no longer suffered with fatbastarditus anymore, I decided I wanted to get strong.

Now I’m not a naturally strong guy, but what I have learned is what works for me, and what works for the people I’ve worked with to go on and compete at a high level!

I’ve been through phases of doing stupid shit, like weight loss shakes, or running some crazy ass German Volume Training Plan, that shit is painful and its shit for gains too…

Hopefully by now you’ve decided I’m not a total dickhead, or at least enough of a dickhead that you want to see my pasty face a bit more…

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