Could you need a DELOAD?

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Your lifting heavy weights week in, week out and all of a sudden you feel tired, cranky and just unmotivated…

What’s wrong? Your training was going well last week, this week your feeling terrible and your performance is a shadow of itself.

Could it be that you need a DELOAD??

First of all, what is a deload?

“A deload is a purposeful reduction in training volume and intensity for the purposes of recovery, injury prevention and performance.”

The point of a deload is to promote recovery while you keep the adaptations you’ve made in your last cycle (keeping your gains bro)

It gives your muscles, joints and tendons a break as well as giving you a rest mentally, leaving you ready for the next phase of training!

So how should you go about a deload?

Essentially look at your last training cycle and look to reduce your volume and/or intensity for a period or around a week

Start by cutting the sets/reps in half, or reduce the weight to around 50-60% of what you usually do.

If you’ve been eating in a calorie deficit (cutting weight), look to take your calories goal back up to maintenance for this period to help with your recovery.

Don’t worry, a week of this won’t lose you all your gains, your body is incredibly efficient and in the long run it will thank you for giving it a rest.

There is no need to do hundreds or reps at a lighter weight which will make the deload pointless.

Beginning of the following week you’ll probably find that your feeling fresh and raring to get back in the gym again!

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